Dead bodies are not just buried or burnt, funerals are also done in these strange ways in the world

Dead bodies are not just buried or burnt, funerals are also done in these strange ways in the world

Whatever has come in the world has to go one day or the other. The grief of losing loved ones is very difficult but it is an eternal truth that everyone will pass away one day. No matter how close someone is to someone, one day or the other, one leaves the world. Every religion has a different way of treating the human body after death (Ways To Bury Dead Bodies). However, at the end of every method, it is only wished that the person who dies, in the end, goes to salvation. But this path of salvation passes in many ways.

People of many religions live in India. Whether Hindu or Muslim or Sikh-Christian. Every religion has its own different way and religion of its own funeral rites. In this, it is only six of the people that the person who left him should get salvation. But the path to salvation is different for everyone. We are talking about the funeral rites of these religions. Not only in India, but all over the world, people perform the last rites of their loved ones after their death. Today we are going to tell you how the funeral is done in different ways in every religion.

sky burial
This method of a funeral is still considered in many places today. This custom is practiced especially in the areas of Tibet and Mongolia. In this, the corpse of the dead is cut into small pieces and hanged on the top of the mountain or on the tree. It is believed that with this the soul reaches the gates of heaven quickly.

This method is followed by the Malagasy people of Madagascar. In this, the corpse of the dead person is first buried in the grave. After this, the dead body is dressed in clean clothes after taking it back from the grave. After that everyone dances around it. once the dance is done it is buried back

to strangle
This is a very strange practice, which is now followed only in backward areas. In this, someone close to the person who died was strangled to death. The logic behind this is that a person should not be allowed to leave the world alone. Because of this, one of his loved ones was killed and sent away.

hanging coffin
This method was adopted in the dynasties of China. , after death, the corpses were filled in the coffin and kept on the top of the mountain. The logic behind this was that if the corpse was kept close to the sky after death, then it would easily get to heaven.

food for vultures
This method is adopted in the Parsi community even today. In this, after the death of their loved one, the dead body is bathed and thrown near the religious place. So that the vulture can tell them. The logic behind this is that a person should leave his body after death. Vultures help humans in this.

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