Delhi Viral Video: Unoccupied Seats Cause Another Crazy Fight Amongst Women On The DTC Bus

Indians often struggle to connect to the saying “when life gives you lemons, try making a lemonade.” mostly because, even when they already have a “mojito” on the table, they often prefer to “actively” search for the aforementioned “lemons.” Bewildered? Alright, let’s modify the comparison. People in Delhi are sometimes seen as fortunate since they get a number of amenities at no cost, including free bus transportation for ladies, limited electrical units, and more. But Delhiites have shown again and again that they can find issues with almost everything.

A similar occurrence occurred when two ladies on the DTC bus became enraged with each other over a vacant seat. Furthermore, that wasn’t the first time. In fact, these kinds of fights have increased much more often than they need to. A video of the two fighting was posted online and quickly gained popularity. The movie attracted a lot of criticism and inquiries from the public, raising concerns about otherwise great facilities that many people still want to see.

The user “Delhi Roads Problems” posted the video to the social networking site X, which was once known as Twitter. “Kalesh b/w Two Ladies Inside DTC Bus over Free Seat Issues” was the caption, posted on the photo under the username “Ghar ke kalesh.”

View the popular video:

Following its sharing, the video became popular on social media. The majority berated the girls for their actions, while the remaining ones berated the “Government” for creating “dependent” individuals. A few days ago, the video was circulated, and hundreds of people saw it.

People voiced their opinions in the comment area. A user commented, “Ladies’ testosterone levels are through the roof these days.” “Name that man in the pink shirt the Indian of the year! Another individual said, “He was so good that he almost got involved in something unrelated, but he refused to get involved.”

This has been occurring often recently. When there are seats available, people fight over them and become very wild about each other. A third participant said, “People definitely need to learn some etiquette on how to act in public.

“All because of the government’s freebies,” another person said. Delhi grills of days are more testosterone-filled than their male counterparts. Ahh. She’s cute, by the way,” said a fifth netizen. A sixth person commented, “Shame on a black lady getting hit by a school girl.” “This is simply excessive.” The next writer said, “People just do not deserve any facilities.”

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