Desi Middle-Class Man Uses Internship Funds to Purchase iPhone; Online Commenters Advise Him to “Act Mature”

The joy of getting your first paycheck is beyond words. And it seems like you’re experiencing a whole new level of happiness when you eventually save up enough money to purchase the item of your dreams. This was the case for a guy who used the money he received from his internship to reward himself with an iPhone. He posted a picture of his new iPhone on social media, excited about his purchase and anticipating receiving congratulations. Rather, he received a deluge of unsolicited advice from individuals who disagreed with his decision and questioned his goals.

Kundan, who goes by @_samosa_chai on ‘X, joyfully shared a photo of his iPhone on social media, saying, “I’ve finally bought an iPhone with my internship money. For guys from the middle class, dreams come true. Still, the reaction wasn’t all favorable. A few people voiced their dissatisfaction, saying that owning an iPhone shouldn’t be the goal of the middle class.

“Well done, buddy.nonetheless, it saddens me that your ideal phone is an Apple iPhone, really,” a user said. A third person said, “If you’re middle class and your dream is to buy an iPhone rather than saving the money and supporting your family, you aren’t middle class.” Another person said, “It looks like he’s born only for the purpose of buying an iPhone and uploading selfies with it.”

“A middle class will always be middle class if it has dreams like buying an iPhone,” said the fourth.

Then there were some who supported Kundan and urged him to ignore the criticism. “Well done, bhai! If only I could travel and invest in the stock market, I could make a lot of money! Kyunki saari chize nhi, Sochi jaati bhi nhi! One fan exclaimed, “Kuch chizo mai sirf happiness bhi dekhi jaati hai!” “I came here to read all the pro-financial-guru advice who would come and say why to but, depreciating assets, etc., but this gives a sense of achievement,” a different voice could be heard over the din of well-wishers. Congratulations, dude. Since I too withdrew anything from my first paycheck, I totally feel you.

Ultimately, Kundan’s experience poses a pertinent question: Is it always our duty to provide counsel on everything, even other people’s happy moments?

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