Desis Gives South Korean Man’s Mehendi A Thumbs Up

Women in India have long enjoyed the custom of wearing henna patterns for festivals and other special occasions. This custom has been passed down for generations. Using a paste derived from the ground up leaves of the henna plant, one creates elaborate designs on one’s hands as part of this art form. An unusual video has been getting a lot of attention on social media, and it comes at a time when henna is a very common option for ladies. A guy who seems to be from South Korea and who calls himself “A Korean who loves India” can be seen having henna painted by a seller who stands along the side of the road.

At the beginning of the film, a local mehendi artist applies a traditional henna pattern on the top side of Jake’s hand with expertise and precision. The South Korean guy seems happy with the artwork after the artist complete the difficult job, and he then flaunts the gorgeous patterns to his followers in order to get more admirers. While he was sharing the video, he took the opportunity to share his love for it by writing, “It’s so beautiful.”

Following Jake’s first post of the video to his Instagram account, the clip has rapidly gained popularity and now has more than three million views. It has garnered a great amount of attention on social media in a touching display of gratitude that spans across cultures.

A user made a light-hearted remark along the lines of “Now you are not Korean now you are Indian.”

Another person said, “You look adorable, and that henna looks so pretty on you.”

In one of the comments, it was written, “Enjoy Indian rituals and custom.. Dear JK.”

Jake has a number of videos on his page, in which he discusses a variety of topics, ranging from cuisine to locations.

Earlier, a visitor from the United States who was traveling through Rajasthan told an uplifting tale about a local lady who was adept in the art of henna tattooing. Inga Rozka uploaded a video to her Instagram account in which a local lady called Gudiya can be seen putting mehendi on her hand in the city of Pushkar. The fact that Gudiya’s kid can be seen dozing off contentedly on the lap of Rozka’s friend makes the situation much more intriguing to think about. The lady divulged the information that the musician had four children, the smallest of whom is just six months old at the time.

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