Dholak Wala of Bengaluru The “Peak” Tech Economy is accepting UPI payments as “tips”

Without the band walas, who inject that genuine energy that gets everyone’s feet tapping as soon as their music begins, Indian big weddings would fall flat. They really are the lifeblood of any Desi wedding, and guests who like their music make sure to show their appreciation by leaving tips. Second, it is well knowledge that in Desi culture, people lavishly give money to artists they feel extraordinary or as a symbolic act to purge negativity from their life before giving the money to the band walas.

But who carries cash anymore in this day of digital payments? Take heart! A Bengaluru dholak wala bucked tradition by accepting UPI payments as tips, a notable technological advancement.

In a time when even the tiniest sellers accept online payments, a user with the handle @_prateekbh tweeted a picture of a dholak wala using his phone to put QR codes on his dholak for customers who prefer digital tipping. Since their main source of revenue comes from performing musical instruments at weddings, they cannot afford to lose out on possibilities by relying only on cash tips.

In fact, the artist from Bengaluru’s forward-thinking attitude fits the city’s reputation for welcoming innovation and change wonderfully. Another illustration of Bengaluru raising the bar and redefining what it takes to achieve new levels of innovation and agility.

A juice seller made headlines by posting a QR code to his YouTube channel at his booth, asking visitors to subscribe and take advantage of discounts. This is just one more example of Bengaluru’s originality. This novel strategy received a lot of attention on social media.

In Bengaluru, where they’re working hard to create new “Peaks” in innovation, every day is the same as the last one.


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