Do aliens exist in the universe? NASA chief Bill Nelson made a big statement

Do aliens exist in the universe? NASA chief Bill Nelson made a big statement

The discussion about aliens has intensified around the world. Many strange claims are made about aliens every day, knowing about which scientists are also surprised. Many times people have claimed to have seen aliens and UFOs. But the biggest question is, do aliens exist in the universe? For years, scientists have been trying to find an answer to this question, but so far they have not been able to get any success.

Now in the meantime, the head of America's space agency NASA has said a big thing. He said aliens must exist because the universe is huge. The current head of NASA, Bill Nelson, is also a former astronaut. He said that it cannot be said that there is no life other than the earth. He has expressed a strong possibility of being alien.

He said the James Webb Telescope would help find other regions of the universe where life could be born. NASA launched the James Webb Telescope on Christmas Day. According to a media report, the chief of NASA was questioned about aliens at a conference.

NASA chief Bill Nelson questioned whether you believe aliens exist. He answered this question with only one word and said yes. He said that we know that apart from our sky Ganga, there are billions of heavens.

He said that if there are not billions, then there are millions of galaxies. Along with this, there are crores of Sun. If there is such a big universe, then there is a possibility that there will be conditions similar to Earth. So there might be a possibility of life there.

Telescope collision with a stone

NASA chief says that through the James Webb Telescope, accurate information can be obtained about the chemical composition of a planet and its atmosphere. Through this telescope, the atmosphere of distant planets can be seen in space. By which it will be found out whether there is a possibility of life there or not. He says that the James Webb Telescope will send its first picture to Earth in July, but before that, it has a stone collision.

Prior to the statement of the NASA chief, senior astronomer Avi Loeb has made a startling claim. They claim that aliens have arrived on Earth. Along with this, he has demanded from all the countries to spend their defense budget in search of life on other planets.

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