Doggy did such a feat in the air, you will be surprised to see the video

Doggy did such a feat in the air, you will be surprised to see the video

A video is becoming increasingly viral on social media, which you will be surprised to see. The athletic and stunt feats performed by Doggy in this video are tremendous. It is clearly seen in this video that there is a pumping house in a field, whose walls will be about 15 feet high. There is a pipe on this wall, which is two feet high from the wall. There is a cloth hanging over the pipe, which Doggy has to take off.

Doggy's stunt is very shocking

After this, Doggy, showing his gesture in the corn field, takes a few steps back and then after running he first climbs on the wall and then hangs in the air with the support of the wall and comes down after taking out the cloth trapped in that pipe. When the dog comes down, he balances his body in the air, so that he can land easily on the ground. This stunt of Doggy is very shocking. Seeing the video, it seems as if Doggy has been forced to do this stunt.

Video shared by Buitengebieden

This video has been shared by Buitengebieden from his account on social media Twitter. In its caption, he has written – this cannot happen!

This video has been viewed by more than 2 lakh people

Till the writing of this news, more than 2 lakh 26 thousand people have seen this video and more than 770 people have liked it. At the same time, 137 people have retweeted it. While 17 people have commented, in which they have praised Doggy fiercely.

One user wrote - this is superdog

A user Belinda Marks has written – This is Superdog Wow. Another user Paul Bergum has expressed surprise. Along with this, Doggy has also been praised a lot. While another user Ron Horsman has written - Be careful! Keep the main door of your house closed.

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The innocent saved by the loyalty of the pet dog

The innocent saved by the loyalty of the pet dog

dog's true friend  

A dog in Yorkshire, England has once again proved that it is man's best friend and loyal companion. This dog proved this claim to be true by playing with his owner's missing innocent child all night. When the police along with the family were trying to find this girl, then this dog was staying with her and making sure that she could not become a victim of any danger until people found her.

what was the matter 

In fact, in the Missouri area of ​​Yorkshire, England, the three-year-old girl of the Merritt couple, Remy Merritt, went missing one night. Corn is cultivated in this area and at present there are plants about 6 inches high, so the search for the girl became difficult. Family and police personnel searched for her throughout the night, but could not find her. When the search started again in the morning, the search dogs of the police were also included in that deserted area. When one of these dogs started barking, this pet dog also barked in response and thus the police reached the child. 

went viral on social media

The family of its owner is very happy with this loyalty of the dog and now that dog has become even more dear to them. In the meantime, it is learned that the girl remained completely safe under the supervision of the dog, only some mosquitoes had bitten her. The pet dog stayed with the girl all night and did not leave her side for a moment. Due to this behavior, this dog named Heath has now become a hero in social media. This incident is being told on June 14. 

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