Dogs are millionaires in this village, not humans, know how they earn crores every year

Dogs are millionaires in this village, not humans, know how they earn crores every year

You must have seen many landlords across the country, but today we are going to tell you about such landlords, knowing about which you will also be surprised. There is a special type of landlord in Panchot village in Mehsana, Gujarat, about whom you will also be blown away. Actually, these landlords are not humans but dogs. Yes, it may sound strange to hear but it is absolutely true. The dogs present in this village are millionaires. If you are thinking that how can these dogs become millionaires after all, then tell that these dogs earn crores from the land lying in the name of the trust in the village. In fact, in the last decade, since the prices of the land of this village have started touching the sky, the dogs of the village have benefited the most from the construction of the Mehsana bypass. The 'Madh Ni Pati Kutaria Trust' has 21 bighas of land in the village. The special thing is that the income from this land is given in the name of dogs.

Talking about the cost of this land, due to its proximity to the bypass, its price is about Rs 3.5 crore per bigha. At the same time, this trust has about 70 dogs. In such a situation, about one crore rupees come in the share of every dog.

According to the trust's chairman Chhaganbhai Patel, the root of the tradition of distributing the share of the trust among the dogs originated from the age-old 'Jivadaya' practice of the village, which has been going on till date. In fact, this tradition was started by wealthy families, starting with small pieces of donated land. However, at that time the cost of land was not that high.

You will be surprised to know that in many cases people have donated land in case of non-payment of tax. The maintenance of this land was started by a group of Patel farmers about 70-80 years ago, which continues to date. This land came to the trust about 70 years ago.

It is said that with the passage of time, as the village developed, the price of land started increasing. In such a situation, people also stopped donating land. The proceeds from these donated lands are used to take care of the dogs and other animals present in the village.

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