“Dosa, Chole Bhature And Pav Bhaji”: Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google, Shares His Favorite Indian Dish

Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google, is one of the many individuals of Indian descent who are reaching new heights with innovative technologies. The CEO of Google is deeply rooted in his own country, despite spending the majority of his time in the United States. He just had a chat with Varun Mayya, a well-known content producer. Pichai covered a wide range of subjects in his discussion, such as the effects of AI on India, guidance for Indian engineers, his opinions on “wrapper” firms, and more. But during the heated discussion, he also spoke about how much he loved Indian cuisine. He also shared his favorite Indian dish, which he eats often.

Varun Mayya asked Google CEO Sundar Pichai about his favorite Indian dish on a podcast. To prevent a social media spat amongst the region’s users, Pichai responded in a polite manner. He particularly selected his top dishes from Bengaluru, Delhi, and Mumbai, three major Indian cities. He said that his favorite foods are pav bhaji from Mumbai, chole bhature from Delhi, and dosa from Bengaluru. He said to Varun during their talk, “I’ll probably get a dosa when it’s in Bangalore.” It’s the meal I love most. In Delhi’s case, chola bhatura. And I’ll make a pav bhaji if it’s in Bombay.”

In addition to mentioning his favorite Indian meal, Sundar Pichai made a noteworthy allusion to a moment from Aamir Khan’s blockbuster movie 3 Idiots. The conversation began when the podcast presenter asked him about a sector in India that was established to assist young people in aceing FAANG (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google) interviews. When he heard the question, he answered by mentioning the Three Idiots of Aamir Khan. He emphasized the value of in-depth education by stating, “I was on the verge of revisiting the film 3 Idiots or something similar.” Additionally, there’s a scene when they ask Aamir Khan what a motor is. Additionally, there is a version that defines a motor. And there’s a version where you learn the true definition of a motor.”

Speaking about Sundar Pichai, he moved to the USA to do his further studies after being born in Tamil Nadu. He was given the chance to work with Google in 2004. He was chosen to take over as the IT giant’s CEO in 2015.

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