During a "Hormonal Rage" Fit, a US man swallows a banana wrapped in a condom

During a "Hormonal Rage" Fit, a US man swallows a banana wrapped in a condom

A 34-year-old guy in the US had to be sent to the hospital right away after swallowing a whole banana wrapped in a condom during a rage. This week, the journal Cureus published a case report outlining the condom-related tragedy that is thought to be the first of its sort in history.

"Numerous reports of instances where the condom was filled with medicines were found in a literature search on condom-related intestinal obstructions; however, few reports concerned condoms that were fluid-filled. The current case, to the best of our knowledge, seems to be the first instance of a condom containing a banana being ingested "The study's authors wrote about it.

The unidentified guy reported arriving at his local emergency room with stomach discomfort, nausea, and vomiting that had started seven hours earlier.

He said that he had not even used the restroom since the previous day due to his excruciating pain, which prevented him from eating or drinking.

According to the report, a CT scan revealed that the guy had a banana wrapped in a condom blocking his small intestine. They said that the "otherwise healthy male" confessed to having ingested the banana wrapped in a condom 24 hours before during a "hormonal outburst."

The 34-year-old was diagnosed with "history of depression," according to the physicians, but he "denied intent of self-harm or previous history of foreign body ingestion." The individual even asserted that he hadn't been intoxicated or doing drugs at the time.

Fortunately, the doctors were able to extract the condom from his small intestine that was loaded with bananas. He healed to the point where he could eat and expel without any problems before being released three days following the procedure.