Eighth consecutive SMA Fan Choice Award winner BTS V, with the ARMY in celebratory mode

South Korean boy band V, also known as Kim Taehyung, made news when he won the Fan Choice of the Year title at the November Seoul Music Awards, demonstrating his skill once again and inspiring the BTS ARMY. The fact that it was his eighth straight victory and the supporters are ecstatic about it adds to the celebration. The moment the news was out, ARMY’s enthusiastic responses filled the internet, causing it to collapse. Additionally, fans didn’t take long to spread the “Artist of November V” trend c18cd 17010708364903 1920 11zon

Fans were eager to congratulate V on the significant victory on the internet. Some expressed their joy at seeing their favorite South Korean idol win for the eighth time, while others praised his most recent songs and predicted that he would win.

At the Seoul Music Awards, Taehyung won Fan Choice of the Year for November, marking his eighth straight month-long victory as artist of the year. Taehyung, congratulations. “V, ARTIST OF NOVEMBER,” a user said.

RT and RespondAnother user said, “Congratulations, Taehyung, ARTIST OF NOVEMBER V.

RT and Respond “Congratulations, Taehyung, the November V Artist,” the next person commented.

“#V has won the Seoul Music Awards 2023’s ‘Fan Choice of the Month of November’!

Another added, “Congratulations, Taehyung, ARTIST OF NOVEMBER V.”

A fifth individual said, “Congratulations Taehyung ARTIST OF NOVEMBER V.”

“Taehyung has won eight times as artist of the month, including Seoul Music Awards Fan Choice of the Year for November. A sixth person remarked, “Congratulations, Taehyung, ARTIST OF NOVEMBER V.

V gained notoriety after he uploaded a photo of his cropped hair, which many took to mean that he had enlisted in the military. His severed hair strands laying on a white floor was captured in a photo that went viral on social media. But as soon as V made it clear that it was only a fresh haircut—his hair was shorter than before, but still not a “zero”—the whole incident subsided.

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