“Ek Machhali Paani Mein Gayi Chappak”: Instagram Users Are Overtaken by Desi Game

Instagram seems to have suddenly become a massive pond as users are frantically “flooding” the social media network with “Machhaliya (Fishes).” Bewildered? Okay, let us clarify. For those who don’t know, there’s a hilarious game that’s going viral on the internet and is becoming more popular than wildfire. This particular game has a striking resemblance to the title of a classic children’s poem: “Ek Machhali Paani Mein Gayi Chappak.” It also has a lot to do with fish and water, as the name would imply. But let’s examine its potential genesis first, before we let you in on this “aquatic” trend.

Possible Origin: Some claim that the game was uploaded on an Instagram account by user Maan Tomar, yet the precise origin of the game is still mostly unclear. The guy was seen playing the game with his pals in the aforementioned video, and it was clear that they were having a blast. Now that we know that, let’s examine how the game is played.

Play: Well, the game isn’t exactly rocket science, but it’s still perplexing enough that people are going to share it on social media. There are many participants in this game, and the first person starts with the phrase “Ek machhali (One fish)”. The third player then says “Chappak,” which is essentially the sound that the aforementioned fish made as it dove into the water, after the second player says “Paani mein gayi” (went into the water). Since there are now two fish, the fifth and sixth players will repeat “Paani mein gayi” twice after the fourth player says, “Do machhali (two fishes).” The game will then go until just one winner remains. The regulations are also pretty straightforward: any participant who stutters or pronounces a phrase incorrectly will be eliminated.

Soon after the video went viral, an increasing number of online users joined in and posted reels that played similarly.

The majority called the game “investive,” while the others wanted to know what the rules were. A few laughed it off and made jokes. When the video was first posted, it garnered an incredible 2 million likes from users.

Many offered their opinions in the comment area. One user said, “Why am I watching this for three hours and expecting a different result every time?” Another remarked, “Guys after smoking w**d having some interesting conversation.” A third participant added, “I don’t know how but I got too invested in this game.” A fourth person said, “The white guy is lucky that nobody noticed him saying the fourth three machli.”

“The player wearing the beanie ought to be the first to leave the game, right? I spoke five machli for the sixth time. I’m very perplexed,” remarked another. Another commented, “This game is already viral. Bring it to us on Friday night at midnight, chapak chapak chapak.”

A fifth individual asked, “Can anyone please explain this game to me?” Another person added, “when the shares are more than the likes.”

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