Elon Musk Connects a Black Mirror Episode To Microsoft’s New Recall Feature

A new Windows 11 capability called Recall for Copilot Plus PCs from Microsoft captures every action you take and every piece of information you view on your computer. You may search through and access all of your history on the device as well. A video with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella talking about this potent AI instrument has gained widespread popularity. However, billionaire Elon Musk has succeeded in raising concerns around the “feature.”. It has been described as “a Black Mirror episode” by the CEO of Tesla.

Nadella discusses a feature called Recall in the video, which functions as a photographic memory by continually taking screenshots to help you recall and understand everything you do on your computer. It’s a semantic search over your whole history rather than a keyword search. And it goes beyond any old paper. In essence, we can replicate historical situations,” Nadella said.

But Musk said in his article, “This is an episode of Black Mirror. Without a doubt, turn off this “feature.”

It makes reference to the Netflix series Black Mirror, in which many people grapple with the ways in which contemporary technology impacts their daily routines and personal lives.

There have been almost 17 million views on Musk’s retweet. The words made by the CEO of Tesla were also supported in the comments section.

“The Hunger Games & Black Mirror episodes are turning into reality,” a person said.

In a hilarious comment, someone else asked, “Did the CIA come up with this?”

One person said, “This is a huge invasion of privacy.”

Recall has a wide range of features; it can trace every website you have visited for research, record activity inside apps, listen in on talks during live meetings, and much more. Microsoft refers to the recall as AI Explorer internally. All you need to do to get a context-rich image of that time period is to start a recall action, which works similarly to an AI-powered search.

The new capability was explained by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella in a Wall Street Journal interview. According to him, the laptop’s little language model and the user’s unique semantic index are used for on-device activities. Microsoft provided a similar tool called Timeline in Windows 10, but it was discontinued in 2021.

The Mac application Rewind also has features comparable to this. However, Recall works well with Windows 11 out of the box.

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