Employee Talks About His Experience After Boss Refused to Give Him Leave After Workplace Injury

Numerous businesses and organizations have poisonous workplace environments all around the globe. Bullying by bosses against their staff is a prevalent practice in many organizations and is often criticized. Some opt to criticize these unspoken conventions publicly, while others prefer to keep quiet and adapt to the poisonous society. Another example that went viral recently included a guy who said that despite being seriously hurt, he wasn’t given the opportunity to take time off. The worker has posted about his experience on social media, and this has generated a lot of discussion on the importance of workers and workplace culture among online users.

An individual on the open social media site Reddit described how he was refused leave despite suffering an injury at work. He went on to say that even though he gave the business his best, his employer had abused him. Background: I work maintenance for a few large private schools. My manager, who is 70 years old, can’t handle this, so I work full-time. We hired another person to work three days, but he quickly reduced that to one day and only completed projects. We then hired another casual worker, who started working two weeks ago, and he has been calling in sick every day since. I twisted my ankle at work today and am essentially unable to walk without a noticeable limp. I am treated like a nuisance because I’m hurt, not like the wonderful person I am.

The individual further shared a screen grab of his text-message exchange with his supervisor. He requested time off from work after informing his supervisor of his doctor’s visit. His supervisor said that he is making it very difficult to do the “general jobs.” Many individuals shared their opinions in comments on the post after it was posted. “Respond with – Oh, thanks for letting me know about your schedule,” a user wrote. I’ll let it go. “I think you should pay me more if my presence is so important to anything getting done,” said a different user.

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