Foodies find it difficult to digest when Jaipur Stall substitutes apples and dragon fruit for aloo in dahi puri

Foodies know full well that Panipuri has turned into a draw for anyone looking to cash in on the strange food culture fad that’s presently sweeping the nation. A healthy version of Dahi Puri is also included, switching up the traditional boiled potatoes for a fruity touch! A Jaipur seller has gone viral on the internet for his creative take on Dahi Puri, which replaces the typical vegetables with a mix of fruits including pineapple, apples, and more.

The video, which was posted on Instagram by @jaipurhunger_stories, shows how carefully “Fruit Golgappe” is prepared. The meticulous arrangement of the puris is followed by the skillful slicing of fruits such as apples, pineapples, and dragon fruit. The puris are then filled to overflowing with these juicy treats, and each one is garnished with a rainbow of colored Dahi, ranging from pink to yellow and beyond.

Beetroot slices, pomegranate, and traditional sweet-spicy chutney complete the ensemble and give this creative meal a last flourish.

At about Rs. 70, this cool spin on Dahi Puri surely provides a healthier option. But many purists weren’t entirely convinced by this healthier version, preferring the traditional meal with its stuffing of potatoes and spices.

One commenter joked, “If there’s a worse thing you can do than this, then do it.” “I feel ill to my stomach about it. Don’t spoil it, someone else said. “I tried it last night,” the third person said. Not at all good. I refuse to suggest this. Golgappe tastes well with water and potatoes. Once you’ve had one piece, you won’t be able to eat the other.

More recently, a unique variation of panipuri has surfaced in Gujarat. These are called Rainbow Panipuris, and they have vivid purple, red, and yellow hues. The fact that these vibrant treats are created with Indian blackberries, beetroot, and haldi, each of which adds a unique flavor character, just serves to heighten our desire for them. Remarkably, this performance didn’t get the same negative feedback as others!

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