From Sci-Fi To Santa, Brits Arrange Special Funerals That Reflect Their Passions And Personalities

According to the Metro site, funerals—which are often thought of as solemn events—take on a distinctive and imaginative twist in the United Kingdom of Great Britain. A recent research by the financial services business Sun Life revealed that a large number of Britons had already carefully thought out their funerals, choosing unusual and creative themes.

Sun Life conducted interviews with funeral directors and locals throughout the previous year in order to find several inventive funeral arrangements. Some said they wanted their last goodbye to be a fitting tribute to their passion of science fiction and fantasy, imagining funeral directors costumed as well-known figures such as Gandalf from The Lord of the Rings or Darth Vader from Star Wars. Some chose a Rocky Horror-themed funeral, inviting mourners to show up wearing high heels and suspenders.

The strangeness didn’t end there; some asked guests to wear pajamas, bright attire, or nothing at all to represent a range of tastes and worldviews. Festive twists were also common; some people opted to be buried in Santa Claus attire, or they included fun activities like conga dancing into the service.

In addition, people wanted to honor their vocations; instead of the customary floral tributes, they requested things like hay-lined coffins for farmers and fruit and vegetable arrangements for greengrocers.

In his reflections over the last twenty years, Sun Life CEO Mark Screeton noted the growing focus on personalization in funeral preparation. He related amusing tales of unusual requests, such as one person’s want to be buried as Father Christmas and another’s desire for a naturist funeral, in which they would be buried entirely nude while guests looked on without restraint.

Screeton’s observations highlight the trend toward increasingly personalized and customized funeral plans, where people express their own selves and preferences even after passing away.

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