Hyderabad Building Posts “Rs 500 Fine For Maids, Delivery Guys” Notice Outside Lift, Draws Criticism

A tech sector sign prohibiting cleaners and delivery executives from using the building’s elevator has gone viral on social media in an age when discrimination is under increasing scrutiny. The message, which purports to be from Hyderabad’s HITEC City, has prompted an intense internet debate. A severe warning is shown in the graphic going around the internet: employees seen utilizing the elevator will be punished.

The warning said, “Maids, vendors, and delivery boys will be fined Rs. 500 if they use passenger lifts.” The image went viral right after, sparking a barrage of remarks from the general public.

A user said, “I proceeded to the main lift in my casual clothes, with a plastic bag containing food. The security guard approached me and requested that I use the service lift since I was a delivery guy. I had to let him know that I was staying at the guest home run by my employer. “This is frighteningly common in so many residential buildings in so many cities,” said a second commenter. Residents also utter the most depraved things to defend this absurdity, and nothing is done to stop it even when complaints against this kind of segregation are made often.

“This is pathetic; I had faced such issues,” a third person said. Delivery guys are also people; we cannot judge them based only on the amount they earn. In this intense heat or weather, how are they going to climb stairs to reach the fourth story or higher? Anything to do with a cylinder? Share love and put an end to prejudice.

Some corrected it, saying it was only partially true. It’s just a partial truth. Lifts provide services to such societies. One commenter pointed out that the reason these guys are banned is because they cause issues for the residents by stopping the elevator. “Bro, there will be a service lift beside,” said the other. I’ve seen this several times. Vendors often maintain separate lifts since they handle supplies.

The post has generated about 100,000 views since it was published, sparking a discussion on social media.

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