I Would Do The Same, Says Apple Supporter After Man Jumps Into Sewer To Save His AirPods

Given their price and usefulness on a daily basis, losing an Apple gadget may be upsetting, particularly something as little and priceless as an AirPod. What steps should be taken, however, if an AirPod is dropped on the sidewalk or winds up in a sewer? For one person who found himself in this awful situation, this conundrum became a reality. He dove into the stinking sewage without thinking, looking for his misplaced device.

In the popular video, a guy approaches a gap in the sidewalk and, without thinking, rushes into the filthy space to quickly grab his Apple items. When he comes out of the sewer, he jokes about with other bystanders and asks them, “Do you think the cops are gonna get me for jumping into the tunnel?” The Instagram post by Unilad with the video has the description “Risking his life for AirPods.”

The video has received over 5 million views since it was posted on Instagram and quickly became popular. Social media users are thanking the unidentified guy for his efforts in the comments area, while others are providing amusing responses to the peculiar circumstance.

A user commented on the video and wondered, “People working in sewers for less than 20$ an hour, why wouldn’t he jump 2 Minutes to retrieve 200$ AirPods?”

One person commented ironically, “I’m sure the sound is going to be a little “shitty” after that.”

To be quite honest, I’m not shocked that individuals would go to this extent.

Another joked, “Risking his life? “, making reference to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles characters. Leonardo and Michelangelo were undoubtedly there to rescue him.

“I would do the same,” said one Apple supporter.

The worth of Apple devices is well known, so coming over one on the street that seems to have been abandoned might feel like finding a gem. A humorous effort by a guy to rescue a fallen AirPod from a gutter in a lighthearted online video that went viral finally failed.

Over 6 million people have seen the Instagram video since it was released, and countless others have found it amusing.


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