Iguana discovered sleeping in Florida couple’s bathroom

A Florida couple was surprised to discover an unwelcome intruder—an iguana—in their house. After discovering this discovery, Hollywood homeowner Crystal Collins originally believed the iguana was dead, but she was quickly disproven.

When Crystal’s husband went to the bathroom, he was startled to see a green-eyed iguana looking back at him. “We both exchanged glances, wondering what we should do. Though I had made light of the idea, the actual question was, “How are we getting out of this?” We don’t do lizards, any of us, Crystal Collins told CBS Miami. They ultimately had to summon a buddy to remove the iguana from the toilet.


A snake was recently discovered writhing inside a toilet in a related occurrence. Upon returning from her trip, a lady discovered a coachwhip snake waiting for her. Later, she needed to send in a rattlesnake specialist to remove it from the area. The rescuer needed two days to securely remove the snake. Following the posting of this incidence on social media, many individuals were left speechless. What do you think about this event? Have you ever discovered a wild animal inside your house waiting for you?


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