In a spine-tingling video, an elephant battles for its life as a crocodile grabs its trunk

Viewers were shocked to see an elephant fighting for its life in a video after being attacked by a crocodile. A CCTV system at the Victoria Falls Safari Lodge in Zimbabwe caught the action. The video of the almost deadly encounter was posted to the YouTube channel Latest Sightings, which often posts videos of wildlife in Africa.

While the elephant and its herd were happily sipping water from a waterhole in Zambezi National Park, a crocodile attacked them. The crocodile repeatedly intimidates the elephants in the video.

One morning, the herd returned to the waterhole, and ultimately the reptile triumphed. The crocodile reacted fiercely when one of the elephants inadvertently approached it too closely without realizing it was there.

The elephant let out a cry of pain and fled as the crocodile grabbed hold of its trunk. The elephant’s trunk was forced to hold the weight of the crocodile as it was forced out of the waterhole, sparking a furious struggle.

The crocodile finally let go of the elephant after it gave a fierce shake of its head, which caused the rest of the herd to flee, according to Latest Sightings.

As of the time of publication, the video has received over 6 lakh views. Even as infants, elephants are often bigger than the normal crocodile prey, according to Latest Sightings.

They stated that the crocodile was confronting some of the biggest elephants in the herd in the video, suggesting that this was not an issue of food. Elephants have a daily water intake of well over 200 liters and are always looking for the purest water sources.

The channel went on to say that the waterhole in Zambezi National Park is a perfect location for them, which is probably why they kept coming back in spite of many run-ins with the crocodile, who seems to have a special dislike for elephants.

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