In a viral video, two Koreans celebrate Indian culture and demonstrate their fluency in Hindi and Bangla

Videos showing Westerners learning about Indian culture may be found on various websites. It may be by studying different Indian languages, creating art, cooking, or dancing. A recent video of two Koreans enjoying their passion for Indian languages and culture has gone viral. They converse happily in Hindi and Bangla, two distinct Indian languages. The touching film has gained popularity and is well-liked by online users.

The Korean couple is seen in the viral video chatting sweetly while seated at a fast-food restaurant. Luna, a Korean girl, speaks Bengali, and Charlie, a Korean guy, attempts to comprehend her and answers in Hindi. Charlie lived in Patna for twenty years, and the daughter is shown thanking him for the chance to live in India. Their charming exchange reveals both their love of Indian culture and their remarkable language skills.

The account @lunayogini.official on Instagram shared this cute video. The individual who shared the video included a lengthy statement explaining how they are still committed to bridging the divide between Korea and India. The author said, “It’s incredible how both of us ended up living in India: Luna spent three decades in Santiniketan (along with Kolkata and Haridwar) and Charlie spent two decades in Patna. We are now returning to Korea and forging our own routes. However, we have one goal in common: closing the distance between Korea and India. Our united purpose seems fundamental to who we are as people. I consider myself very lucky to have met Charlie at 40 Kahani. Oh my goodness, accha lagaaa! Abar dekha hobe, please!

See the happy exchange between Charlie and Luna in Bangla and Hindi:

Three days after it was posted, the video has received thousands of views and likes. People flocked to their cute interaction and poured praise on the video. One user commented, “Two Koreans speaking in Hindi and Bengali is so cute.” “The best thing that has happened in a long time!” a second person said. A third user said, “You two are just like summer and mango.” “How naturally both of you talk is amazing! “Take love from Kolkata,” a fourth person said.

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