In Bruce Lee style, the waiter opened the bottle of champagne, people were left watching

In Bruce Lee style, the waiter opened the bottle of champagne, people were left watching

Sometimes people get stressed due to busy work. This has a bad effect on their work. At the same time, sometimes people do something good in anger. However, the probability of this remains very low. For this, it is necessary for the person to be an expert. The waiter is also seen as angry in this video. In this situation, he is considering himself no less than Bruce Lee.

In this video, we can see that people are enjoying the party with their friends in a hotel. On this occasion, people are consuming royal food and drinks. There are food items on the table. Along with it are kept champagne bottles. At the same time, the waiter is busy cleaning the hotel. The waiter is tense. The tension is clearly visible on his face. It seems as if he has got into an argument with the boss about something. This makes him angry and angry. He is cursing the boss in his heart.

Then he reaches near a table, sweeping the broom. Two friends are having dinner at that table. One of them asks the waiter to open a bottle of champagne. The waiter is already angry and seeing the work, his temper rises. He opens the champagne bottle in about nanoseconds with the help of a broom without speaking. Seeing this, the other friend also asks to open the bottle of champagne. At that point, the waiter turns red and yellow in anger and kicks open the champagne bottle in anger. People are stunned to see the waiter's free kick. Watching the waiter's free kicks, it looks like he practices hard at home. Also, his idol is Bruce Lee.

This video has been shared by MorissaSchwartz.

This video has been shared by MorissaSchwartz from her account on social media Twitter. In its caption, he has written – The funniest. The video has been viewed more than 55 thousand times till the time of writing this news. At the same time, 2 thousand people liked the video. Users are praising the waiter's style fiercely.

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