In Japan, People Are Renting “Handsome Boys” To Cry

Stress at work is widespread. Some find comfort in confiding in loved ones, while others seek healing via treatments. To reduce this tension, however, an unusual technique has been used in Tokyo workplaces. The workers who are going through a hard time are now hiring “Handsome Weeping Boys” for 7,900 yen, which is around Rs 4, kolkata a 77 year old heart patient kills his paralyzed wife and jumps to his deat

How do they go about things?

These experts provide more than simply their outward appearance. They are experts at mopping tears, offering consolation via emotionally connected stories, and fostering stronger bonds inside the workplace. The foundation of this innovative project is the idea of rui-katsu, or “tear-seeking.” Its main objective is to create a space where expressing emotions is valued and not only accepted.

Those who are interested in using this service may do so by visiting an online catalogue that showcases a wide variety of “Ikemeso Boys.” There are several variations available in the catalogue, ranging from the tough “Showa face adult Ikemeso boy” to the sophisticated “healing Mista-Tokyo Ikemeso boy.”

Every expert on display is adept at wiping away tears with care, holding crying sessions, and even viewing moving films to promote emotional expressiveness. To satisfy their emotional demands, customers are free to pick the “Ikemeso Boy” of their choice from this variety.

The guys in the “Ikemeso Danshi” come from a variety of backgrounds. According to the BBC, among them is a dentist by training who does this as a side gig, along with those who perform as gymnasts, funeral directors, and other positions.

Hiroki Terai, the creator of Crying Workshop, came up with this creative idea. His primary goal is to promote emotional communication among Japanese people. He said, “I’ve always been fascinated by the untold stories of people.” In 2013, Hiroki founded this weeping company with the intention of creating a forum for people to freely express their feelings.

“I am aware that you may get along with people even better after you weep and show them your fragility, which is beneficial for the business. People get along better and the working atmosphere is improved,” Hiroki said.

Similar ideas have become more popular in Japan in recent years. These creative endeavors, which range from non-sexual cuddling sessions to renting a lover, are becoming more and more well-liked throughout the nation.


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