In response to widely shared AI deepfake images and videos, Sara Tendulkar calls it “technology misuse”

Numerous well-known Indian figures have been entangled in the AI deepfake scandal in recent weeks. Actor Kajol and South Sensation Rashmika Mandanna were among the many who suffered greatly as a result of others abusing AI technology. Sara Tendulkar, the daughter of “God of Cricket” Sachin Tendulkar, became the latest in this tumult to declare her opposition to the matter. She took to social media to discuss the current abuse of “technology” and to criticize some “parody” X (formerly Twitter) accounts for producing her deepfake images, which she described as “far from reality.” sara tendulkar 3 1 11zon

“Social media is a wonderful space for all of us to share our joys, sorrows, and daily activities,” Sara said in her Instagram story post.

But the abuse of technology, which distorts the veracity and authenticity of the internet, is unsettling. There are some very fake deepfakes of myself that I’ve came across. It’s clear that several accounts on X (previously Twitter) were created with the intention of impersonating me and misleading users. Since I don’t have an account on X, I hope that X investigates and suspends any such accounts.

The truth should never be sacrificed for the sake of entertainment. Let’s promote dialogue that is grounded on truth and trust.

A recent video of Mandanna wearing skimpy clothing and entering an elevator went viral. Later on, however, it was discovered to be a deepfake, made using Zara Patel, a British-Indian influencer,’s actual video.

A similar incident involving famous actress Kajol occurred when a deepfake video of her was produced by using a video of another person changing clothes in front of the camera. The influencer Rosie Breen was filming a video for TikTok in the original clip, which was modified to include Kajol’s face.

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