In style: A woman sets a world record by blowing through her nose

Guinness World Records (GWR) has encountered some of the most unusual and intriguing skills throughout the years. A lady by the name of LuLu Lotus, who set a world record for whistling through her nose, has joined the list. You read correctly! GWR posted a video on social media that demonstrated the woman’s extraordinary talent. The title of “Loudest nose whistle” is currently held by Lulu.

The lady may be heard in the video making whimsy songs. In one of the brief video, a dog can also be seen listening to her intently. “LuLu Lotus has the loudest nose whistle,” GWR captioned the photo.

Lulu claimed, “I discovered my ability to create whimsical melodies with my nose,” in an interview with Guinness World Records. I gave in to the urge to pull practical jokes on my classmates and professors at school.”

Lulu Lotus is a native of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, according to GWR. When she was only seven years old, she first realized she had a knack.

“This attempt to break records for Guinness World Records is not only a celebration of my special talent, but it’s also a tribute to the amazing support of friends, the generosity of strangers, and my lifelong dream of becoming a record holder,” Lulu said.

“To control the way that air flows out of her nose,” Lulu utilizes her neck muscles. According to GWR, the sound emerges from her lips if she maintains it open. She closes her lips, allowing sound to escape via her nostrils.

Social media users quickly appeared in the comment section after the video was released. “Now this is what I call..a Record,” someone exclaimed. Someone another said, “What a lovely person! Being a Guinness record holder is such a wonderful skill! Many congratulations.”

Are you kidding me? said one user. To understand, I have to read the caption. You are brilliant, girl.” Others just said things like “Damn,” “Beautiful,” and “Nice.”

Additionally, Lulu’s video was posted on GWR’s YouTube account.

LuLu said she would be interested in exploring endeavors linked to her nose-whistling ability, even if she has no intentions of trying another Guinness World Records title.

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