In Thailand, an out-of-control pickup truck ploughs into a parked car

In Thailand, an out-of-control pickup truck ploughs into a parked car

The internet has been flooded with a video of a pickup truck spinning out of control. In Bangkok, Thailand, a white truck crashed into a parked car in front of a shop. The event happened on January 10, and CCTV video of it has appeared online.

A white vehicle is seen veering down the road in the footage before smashing into a black Suzuki car. Later in the footage, the vehicle is seen driving down the gravel road before coming to a stop. Later, an unharmed driver could be seen exiting the vehicle. Viral Press and AP have both published and spread the incident's footage.

Owner of the black vehicle and 27-year-old Charanwong Sukhom said: "The driver refused to pay me for the other expenses and time waste. There was an insurance company that paid part of the damages."

The owner of the business, Piyaporn, stated there was no damage to her establishment, according to the security cameras that captured the accident. I handed them a copy of the footage to assist in the investigation, she claimed.

A video of a guy avoiding an out-of-control automobile recently became viral as well. On January 10, the tragedy happened in Thailand's province of Udon Thani. As shown in the video, the unnamed guy was preparing to board his parked scooter after going to the market to purchase groceries when he saw a blue automobile rushing at him. The guy saved his life by swiftly leaping out of the path.

The CCTV video further demonstrated how the automobile turned his two-wheeler over. Along with the lady who was driving the car, a male emerged from the passenger seat to see the damage.