Indian Railways Reacts After Train Passenger Discovers Inspect in Food Ordered on Kashi Express

Train passengers often report seeing insects in their food, suggesting that there is a significant chance of food contamination throughout their journey. These occurrences often involve almost undetectable insects, which puts unsuspecting customers in serious danger. For example, a Kashi Express traveler discovered a bug in his meal lately.

Parvez Hashmi, a user on ‘X,’ posted a disturbing picture of something that looked like a grain of rice but was obviously out of place on his spoon against the background of dal and sabzi on his plate. He quickly tagged Railways Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw and shared details of his travel on train number 15018, which runs from Mumbai’s Lokmanya Tilak Terminus to Gorakhpur.

The post went viral after that, inspiring amusing comments from the public to emphasize how regular these kinds of situations are. “You paid extra for a high-quality Chinese thali. “The railway might ask you to pay extra,” a commentator quips. “You should have clearly mentioned that you didn’t want insects when you asked for food,” someone else said. “I didn’t know Railways had also started adding extra protein now,” chimed in a third comedian.

Railway Sewa stepped in during the viral frenzy, asking the complaint to provide their contact number and PNR data via direct message (DM) in order to get more support.

An earlier passenger, Alok, posted pictures of a bug he found in the vegetarian thali that was given to him on the Chhapra Super-Fast Express. After placing the food order online with one of the IRCTC-approved vendors, the passenger tweeted his displeasure to the railway officials. Rail Seva confirmed the social media post, but the company has not specified what steps were taken in reaction to the event.

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