Indian student raises the tricolour at the UK graduation ceremony

A large number of students have applied recently for study abroad programs. Some of them go overseas to pursue their master’s degrees, while others depart after finishing their 12th grade. Many students believe that the curricula offered overseas provide a more comprehensive and hands-on education. In addition, it helps pupils learn how to be self-reliant and deal with life’s challenges. Even if many of them are studying abroad, there are still plenty of students who represent their nation with pride. On his graduation day, an international student from India flew the Indian flag in a similar scenario that occurred in the jimmy carter the 99 year old former us president will join biden at his wife rosal

Dhanbad, Jharkhand native Gautam Kumar Gupta is reportedly pursuing an M.Sc. in event management at the University of West England in the United Kingdom. There, he has spent the last year studying. It has now been discovered that by raising the flag on graduation day, Gautam brought pride to his own India.

There are claims that he had the Indian flag in his pocket when he was summoned up to the platform to get his graduation degree. He pulled the degree out and held it up in front of everyone after making it to the stage. The audience began to applaud him as well. The sight of him acting in this way startled everyone in Britain.

Gautam later said in an interview that he was quite proud to be seen waving his nation’s tricolour after receiving the degree. He continued by saying that while he had only dreamed of doing this, it had come effortlessly to him when performing on stage. He went on to say that it feels wonderful to be able to elevate ourselves to the point where we can advance and honor our nation.

Kharkhari Baghmara, in Dhanbad, is where Gautam Kumar Gupta was born. Kharkhari Secondary School was the site of his elementary schooling. He has counseled the young people that in order to advance in life, they should first accomplish their objectives and consistently put their nation first in all circumstances. He also advised them to always work toward enhancing the nation’s reputation. Following his experience, Gautam’s parents are also quite proud of him.


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