Indore is India’s Cleanest City: From Clean Streets to Garbage Segregation, This Trending Video Explains Why

The most popular tourist destination in Madhya Pradesh is Indore, which is the state’s capital and is renowned for its kind, welcoming people. In addition to mouthwatering food, well-known temples, opulent mansions, and handloom businesses, the city’s cleanliness is another draw. The city held the title of cleanest city in India for six years running, as verified by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs’ (MOHUA) annual Swachh Survekshan study.

The city’s efficient waste segregation, total prohibition of single-use plastic, conversion and disposal techniques, and “bartan” banks are all responsible for its success. Indore is a model city for clean urban areas devoid of waste and unhygienic circumstances thanks to its well-known tourist attractions, including Lalbagh Palace, Rajwada Palace, and Chappan Dukan.

In order to demonstrate this, a content producer went outside to determine if Indore is, in fact, the cleanest city in India. When she visited the renowned Indore cuisine, she was astounded to find how many people were using reusable bowls, plates, and glasses made of steel or plastic. The lady went on to say that although disposables were used in relatively few locations, it was noteworthy since they weren’t composed of plastic. She also demonstrated how a drink or shake you purchase in Indore won’t arrive with a straw.

Moving on from the usage of plastics to water management, she noted that the restaurants used improvised hand-washing stations with low water pressure in place of tissue paper. She continued by pointing out to the audience Indore’s spotless streets and chopati neighborhoods and explained that rubbish is disposed of in dustbins rather than everywhere.

The poll didn’t finish here. The video producer captured how clean the roadways were, assuming that hundreds of people had eaten there at some point in the past, after waiting until 11 p.m. for the stores to shut. She went on to display a few kiosks that encouraged customers to bring their own bags and promoted sustainability.

The content producer, in a two-minute video, spoke about how nice it felt to ride in an electric vehicle (EV) for the first time and see large containers being recycled to grow plants all around the city. What else? The movie also demonstrated the separation of dry and wet garbage, along with the city-wide banners and posters that encouraged sustainable living.

She concluded by stating that Indore is a true inspiration to everyone of India. She also urged everyone to spread the word about how beautiful our cities can look if we all start implementing the “Swacch Bharat Abhiyan” and only toss trash in dustbins.

Since it was posted, the film has been making the rounds on the internet, eloquently demonstrating why we should be able to maintain clean surroundings if Indore residents can. It has received more than 1,000 likes and more than 151.3k views to far.

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