Internet Can’t Stay Calm as Man’s Super-Energistic Dance From Saare Ladko Ki Goes Viral

Songs from the 1990s have a certain allure. When combined with a dynamic dance performance, the same attraction is further enhanced. Currently, a video of a guy dancing to the Saare Ladko Ki song from the 1990s is trending on social media. The video features a middle-aged guy who charmed viewers online with his charming dancing performance.

User ‘basantfaizabadi’ of Instagram posted the dancing video. Hindi was used for the caption, which approximately translates to “He seems innocent by the face.”

The dancer was seen showing off his talents on stage when the viral video started in the middle of the routine. The dancer was dressed casually and performed well. His facial expressions were spot-on, and everyone surrounding him seemed to be delighted by the upbeat performance.

As netizens praised the lighthearted performance, the video quickly spread smiles online. Despite being posted a few weeks ago, the video is suddenly becoming viral and has received 241K likes.

The comment section of the article was inundated with praises from internet users who expressed their enthusiasm for it.

The dancing was great, I swear,” a user said in Hindi. Another person said, “Really brother, you set the stage on fire.” “Very nice dance, bhaiya ji,” chimed in a second. You dance extremely well, uncle. Be joyful like this, and may God keep you joyful constantly, said a fourth. “Very nice,” said the sixth. A sixth remarked, “Super se bhi upar (Amazing),”

Saare Ladko Ki, a song, is included in the movie Deewana Mujh Sa Nahin. Aamir Khan and Madhuri Dixit played the key characters in the 1990 film.


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