Internet is impressed and eager to try the avocado toast sold by a street vendor in Vadodara

Due to their excellent flavor and various health advantages, avocados have been more popular as a morning food in recent years. Avocados are well known for their heart-healthy lipids, high fiber content, and possible blood sugar regulation benefits. Avocado-based meals are now available on the menus of elite restaurants, where this fruit has even found its way. But have you ever seen someone selling avocado toast on the street? If not, you would be astonished to learn that the well-known avocado toast has been offered by a little street seller in Vadodara, Gujarat. A video of him selling this on his cart was posted online by a local food blogger.

In the widely shared video, avocado toast is expertly made at a clean street vendor cart. The chef observes stringent hygiene regulations and protects themselves by working in an apron, gloves, and hair net. The process starts with delicately halving the avocado, then scooping out the avocado’s creamy inside into a dish. A flavorful avocado mix is created by adding black salt, freshly squeezed lemon juice, finely diced tomatoes, onions, and a dash of green chilies. These components are properly mixed together using a masher.

In the meanwhile, bread pieces are cooked on a griddle until they become golden brown. The avocado mixture is liberally placed on top after being fully toasted, producing a delicious contrast of flavors and textures. Slices of fresh avocado, some red pepper flakes, and oregano are added as a finishing touch to improve the flavor.

The video’s Instagram post includes crucial details including the vendor’s location, contact information, and business hours. Additionally, it states that the seller provides alternatives like pesto toast and bruschetta in addition to avocado toast. Customers have a variety of bread options, including brown bread, French loaf, and sourdough.

The video received a lot of attention after being posted on Instagram, garnering approximately 1.7 lakh views. Additionally, a lot of viewers have been sharing this video since most people have never seen a street seller provide such a gourmet meal.

People shared their enthusiasm and eagerness. One person said that both the preparation and the result appear nice. Others have expressed their curiosity in and want to taste the avocado toast being sold by this seller. “Tried and tasted,” a user who claims to have eaten this meal at the restaurant in the video said. A must-try since it’s tasty and healthful.


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