Internet reacts to a viral video showing a 13-year-old’s “nonchalant” attitude toward traffic police while riding a scooter

Children nowadays obviously behave differently from those of the past, and a plethora of evidence supporting this can be found online. The younger generation has undoubtedly caused the older ones to reevaluate the idea of “having kids” entirely, from young 10-year-olds mocking others to early adolescents smoking and other similar behaviors. A video that emerged serving as an example of the same thing showed a child behaving in a way that elicited conflicting reactions on social media. A traffic police officer captured a 13-year-old child riding a scooter in the video. But rather than offering an apology, the youngster was rather cool about the whole thing and gave off a casual vibe.

The child seemed a little too “fine” with being charged with a crime, as seen by his chewing gum throughout interactions with the police and his nonchalant request for a phone to contact his parents. People’s reactions to the aforementioned viral video were mixed; some thought it was funny, while others were annoyed by the child’s “disrespectful” behavior.

The user “Vivekanand Tiwari” posted the video on the social networking site Instagram. In Hindi, the caption on the photo said something like, “Kid needs to improve and ride cycle instead.”

The video caused a rift on the internet. While some praised the child’s confidence and referred to him as too “smart,” others expressed worry about his behavior and advocated for action to be taken. Some were also irritated by the boy’s composure in the face of injustice. The post received an astounding 1 million likes when it was posted some time ago.

People voiced their opinions in the comment area. “The child is very amazing. He doesn’t care,” a commenter said. Another individual said, “His confidence level is a bit too high for his own good.” A third said, “Bro showed attitude to the police.” “He and his pals may think it’s great, but this is not at all acceptable. The next person said, “Not only is he endangering himself, but he is also a concern for those who are driving or walking on the road.

“Those in the comments stating that the child is Sigma, he doesn’t give a sh*t regardless, imagining what will happen to their parts if something happens to him, such as accidents,” said a fifth. Gum chewing boosts confidence to a new degree! “Dijiye sir, phone!” said a sixth. “He need to pay a fine. As a mere teenager, he has no idea of the serious problem he may encounter. Another said, “He’s fortunate that the policeman is attempting a composed approach.