Internet Reacts When Woman Dresses Lizard in Gold Jewelry and Nail Polish

The internet is buzzing with a startling video. It shows a lady dressing up a poisonous lizard as she paints its nails and grooms it in a manner that would shock you to your core. Although many of us are afraid of lizards, this widely shared video will make you question whether it is indeed feasible to groom and make them seem beautiful. It’s interesting to note that the lizard in the video is likewise accessorized in gold.

The lady who is tenderly painting the lizards’ little nails at the start of the video. The lizard patiently waits as the lady indulges in an exciting activity, looking like it wants to be groomed. The video keeps becoming more fascinating when the lizard is seen wearing what looks to be a gold necklace around its neck. The video closes with an incredible shot of the monster dressed to the nines and looking stunning.

A few days ago, the video was posted on Instagram. It has amassed over 1.6 million views and 45,000 likes in such a little amount of time. In addition, many who saw the video expressed their shock in the comments section.

“So if it was a boy, wouldn’t the wife and the kids be shocked?” one person commented in the comments section. A lady said, “Put on lipstick, she’s going to be Mrs Doll,” suggesting that lipstick should also be worn. The comment from a third person was, “Need a dress and hair clip then perfect.”

Another video showcasing a lizard’s courage gained popularity online earlier this year. It had a snake that wrapped itself tightly around a young lizard to trap it. When the mother lizard saw this, she stepped in to battle the snake and defend her baby. She did everything she could think of, even biting the snake in the face, but nothing helped. Sadly, the little lizard did not make it.


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