Internet users are captivated by a woman’s sensual dance within an Indian railway

The days of using public transportation only for travel are long gone, including the Delhi metro, Mumbai local train, Government buses, and others. Given the recent social media sensational videos, it’s reasonable to assume that India’s public transportation system has now evolved into a talent showcase. A lady went viral for sensually dancing inside an Indian Railways train, serving as an example of the same. Despite being about her enthusiastic dancing, most people found her viral video annoying since they thought it was a distraction for the other passengers. In response to these tragedies, many people called for 11zon cropped 1 2

The user “Mask” posted the video on the social media platform X, which was previously known as Twitter. “Train ki ticket ke sath abi mujra compulsory hogaya h kya,” the caption said. (Has purchasing a rail ticket become required along with dancing?)

As soon as the video was posted online, it quickly became viral. The lady making a big deal out of herself annoyed most people, but others thought it was funny and made “ticket jokes” about it. The lady was criticized by many for her dancing, and the footage was likened to viral films from Delhi Metro. After being shared yesterday, the post had 373K views.

People on the internet voiced their opinions in the comment area. A user said, “They have kept so many suitcases, but where are the passengers? Saare rakhe toh itne saare rakhe.” “Mn h ye konsi train? (What kind of train is this?)” inquired another person. A third person said, “Nice, now I will get the window seat quite easily,” as they passed by the window. “We don’t receive train tickets because we don’t have a ticket,” a fourth user said.

“That’s the reason government tickets are so expensive,” one person said. “Isliye government ticket costly kar diya hai.” “They can do anything, of course, but how do they even deal with their parents, siblings, cousins, relatives, and neighbors?” inquired the person next to them.

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