Internet users laugh as they watch a lizard struggle to crawl on a tiled floor, saying, “This is how walking in a dream feels like”

It’s common knowledge that reptiles often find it challenging to move or crawl over smooth surfaces. When the floor in issue is composed of marble or tiles, the hypothesis is particularly accepted. The hypothesis was mostly only heard by people, but lately, a funny video of a lizard provided internet users a chance to see it in action. A video of a lizard attempting to sprint on a tiled floor was posted on social media with the online community. However, the reptile’s never-ending effort to walk across the floor, which had a smooth surface, drew everyone’s attention. ‘Pubity’ is an Instagram user who posted the video. The description for the photo said, “What running in your dreams feels like.”

A lizard was shown in the footage darting across a tiled floor. The flat tile surface, however, prevented the reptile from succeeding in any of its attempts. As it strained to cross the small distance from inside the house to the garden, the lizard kept moving relentlessly.

As soon as internet users saw the video, they thought it was amusing. The majority of commenters equated the lizard’s motions to the sensation of fleeing in a dream, while some said that the cameraman ought to have attempted to comfort the distressed animal. Two days ago, the video was posted and received 385K views.

Social media was used by users to express their opinions. A user said, “By the time he made it outside, he was winded.” “This looks like the toy they sell you at the fair for $80 that has the string and you walk it like a fake pet,” a second individual said. Another user said, “Ignore friction when the physics instructor mentions it. The fourth netizen commented, “I am very pleased we don’t have lizards that huge in Indian families. Another person said, “basically me in a social awkwardness I can’t seem to escape from.” Another person said, “I don’t see why this doesn’t already include cartoon sound effects. Seventh: “Visual representation of me giving in to the guy who doesn’t love me back.”

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