Is It Better to Brush After Breakfast or Before? Dentist Addresses The Morning Conundrum

Everyone likes to follow a basic routine when they wake up. However, the age-old debate over whether to wash your teeth before or after breakfast can easily turn into a daily struggle. It may be difficult to choose between taking care of your dental hygiene and having a substantial breakfast, which is similar to the old “chicken and egg” conundrum. For many people, starting the day with a dish of scrambled eggs or a full English breakfast makes sense. However, some people find it impossible to start their day without first cleaning their teeth.

Everyone seems to have an opinion on the controversy surrounding the best time to wash your teeth in the morning. Thankfully, a dentist has intervened to provide her professional judgment on this oral conundrum.

Dental therapist Anna Peterson, who is well-known in Essex for dispensing dental advice on social media, has entered the discussion and provided clarification on the relative importance of brushing and breakfast.

With her prior advice against using mouthwash right after brushing and her explanation of the “black triangles” between teeth, Anna’s knowledge supports her position on the morning brushing controversy. Even though Anna first offered this advice in 2022, her video has since been rediscovered and is becoming more popular on social media.

Brushing your teeth before breakfast is a good idea, according to Anna. She goes into depth about the benefits of “brushing straight before bed and at one other time in the day” in her caption.

“This is sound advice; however, I tell my patients to brush first thing in the morning for the following reasons: Reduce the amount of deterioration to your tooth enamel, disrupt the bacteria that have been active all night establishing their camp, and clean your teeth after eating to avoid giving the germs a meal. This way, the teeth are not as strong as they might be.

In order to guarantee that the mouth is less acidic and to prevent wearing down the enamel, she also says that if you neglect to brush before breakfast, you should preferably wait for 30 minutes before brushing.

She explained her thinking in a video, saying, “There are two reasons for this. Your mouth gets acidic after breakfast. When you wash your teeth after breakfast, you are essentially wearing down the enamel on your teeth by rubbing acid into your teeth. Additionally, cleaning your teeth before breakfast shields them from anything you plan to eat.

It seems that cleaning your teeth before breakfast may shield them from possible damage in addition to treating morning breath. The majority of people who left comments agreed with her as well. “I knew I was doing it right since childhood,” remarked one person, and “Where were you during my childhood?” was written by another.

Nevertheless, despite Anna’s valid assessment, some people are not happy since they would have to eat a “minty breakfast” in the morning if they followed her advice. Finding a satisfactory conclusion in the current argument seems to be a task in and of itself.

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