“Is That A Slum?” This Naples Video Starts An Online Debate About Hygiene

Posillipo, Phlegraean Fields, and Vesuvius have made Naples, Italy, one of the most visited towns for a very long time. Eat, Pray, Love and other movies have helped to popularize Neapolitan pizza and the surrounding culinary scene. It goes without saying that the seaside city’s tourist sector is booming. However, a video of Naples’ trash-filled streets is going viral right now. On the walkways, many bags of trash are left unpicked. A lady who was traversing the old streets took the footage. “Point of View: You arrive in Naples and you are scared for your life,” said the text overlay on the video.

Watch this video:

Prior to becoming widely popular on social media, this undated video was initially posted on TikTok. Since it was posted on May 16, it has received more than 4 lakh likes. Many who had pleasant recollections of the location were taken aback by the film. Some, however, brought out the fact that trash has long been a problem in Naples, particularly during the busiest travel months of May through August.

“It doesn’t even look like Italy anymore, just another slum,” an X user commented on this video.

Someone added, “I was in Naples about 7 years ago and it was nothing like this,” recalling a previous trip to the city. Wow, things have gotten very nasty. was a lovely city, and wherever I went, I felt comfortable wandering. “I went to Napoli last May to celebrate the Scudetto,” another person said. Everyone in the city was having a great time partying, and the people were generally friendly. I’m kind of startled to notice how different the mood is here.

Another voice disagreed, saying, “I was there six years ago and about thirty percent of the central Napoli streets were exactly like this.” Junkies and trash piled three meters high surround old buildings.

Another individual had the same sentiment when they said, “Yes, Naples is a dump with rubbish everywhere. People only go through there in order to reach the shore of Amalfi. Italy is stunning everywhere, but avoid Naples.

The airport in Naples handled 12.4 million passengers in 2023, up 13.5 percent from 2022, according to the Italian Daily Mattino. whether the trash issue is resolved or not, it will be fascinating to watch whether the city experiences a decrease in the number of visitors.

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