Is there life on this asteroid? Scientists found shocking thing

Is there life on this asteroid? Scientists found shocking thing

Science has achieved unprecedented success in the past decades. Scientists are looking for such places in space where there is life. Scientists have now discovered such an element on an asteroid which is very shocking. An icy and barren rock is constantly moving in space with no target. Scientists have found elements of life in this rock. Japan's Hayabusa-2 spacecraft has made many shocking revelations about an asteroid named Ryugu.

Japan's Hayabusa-2 spacecraft came to Earth in the year 2019 with samples from the space rock. Since then, scientists were engaged in the investigation of this asteroid with 5.4 grams of dust. The Ministry of Education of Japan has told about the results of these samples. They have claimed that the dust of the asteroid contains the elements of life. Let's know about it...

It has been told by experts that it is the oldest material in the solar system that they have studied. Ryugu is thought to have been a carbon-rich fragment of a giant asteroid that may have formed from dust and gas. It may have formed during the beginning of the Solar System. The team has identified more than 20 types of amino acids in the samples.
Elements of life found in asteroid samples

The starting points of proteins are the amino acids that living organisms produce on the basis of the DNA code. The team is headed by Hiroshi Naroka of Kyushu University, Japan. He said that different types of prebiotic organic compounds were detected in the samples.
They contain proteinogenic amino acids, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, and various nitrogenous compounds. Ryugu specimens reflect only about 2 percent of the light on their side.
In addition, they are exceptionally delicate. It has 50 percent more pores than the carbonaceous chondrite meteorites that fell to Earth. Researchers say that no such meteorite found on Earth has found such high-fine material.

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