Is this a warning or an apology? ‘Arrogant’ Reaction to Food Inspection: Rameshwaram Cafe Owner Roasted

Rameshwaram Cafe, a well-known South Indian restaurant chain, was severely embarrassed when Telangana’s food safety agency conducted searches. A number of irregularities with the restaurant’s food preparation procedures were found by the regulators, including eight liters of expired milk, ten kilograms of expired curd, and one hundred kilograms of expired Urad dal. This caused a social media backlash against the café, which is considered to be among Bengaluru’s best places to hang out.

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The co-founder of the café, Raghavendra Rao, took to X to address the issue in a video, sensing the heat. He acknowledged his errors and pledged to make the required adjustments. “Our goal is to consistently use the best ingredients and deliver the best product as promised.” We made a few little errors, for which I really apologize. In the video, Rao said, “I would like to convey to the entire customer base that we follow (former president) APJ Abdul Kalam’s footsteps.”

“You can take any of your spices and pulses,” he continued. Everything is top-notch. The vegetables we utilize are of the highest quality. I ask that the food safety division visit and conduct an examination of the kinds of veggies we use. They pointed out these issues, which are legitimate, and we are here to address them.

However, Rao’s tone and body language in the video garnered criticism. Many others thought his actions were disrespectful and even menacing, and his finger-pointing motions did not sit well with the audience.

“By no means does this seem like an apology. I’ve been a patron of Rameshwaram Cafe, but when they charge about Rs. 200 for a dosa and utilize poor quality, out-of-date products, it’s clear they don’t care about their customers,” a user said. “I don’t mind what he’s saying, personally; it’s the aggressive body language and tone that I think are bothering me (and others),” repeated another.

“Was this an apology/explanation or warning?” inquired a third user. A fourth said, “After seeing this, I’m not going there. Body language says otherwise.” He is putting the clients in danger.

In the meantime, the café had earlier declared that the expired foods should be thrown away rather than consumed in response to the food authority’s measures. The management gave an assurance that the problems were being addressed and accepted the remarks made by the authorities at its Hyderabad store.

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