It’s Not What You Might Think: Anand Mahindra Has Reserved His Tickets For This “IPL”

The business mogul is busy spreading his enthusiasm about another “IPL,” which is presently underway in Chennai, as the country is currently gripped by the Indian Premier League cricket competition fever. It’s interesting to note that this IPL is unrelated to the cricket match. Rather, it has a unique bond with the beloved South Indian cuisine, Idli.

Internet users were recently exposed to the “Idli Premier League,” a unique event, by Anand Mahindra in a post on X. Even more, he said that he had already obtained his “season tickets” for Sunday Idli home delivery and complimented the restaurant that hosted the event for its innovative marketing strategy. “There’s no stopping Indian creativity in marketing,” said Mahindra in a letter. On a Sunday morning, the “IPL” receives the greatest ratings. My “season tickets” are reserved for Sunday Idly home delivery. Start the games now.

Chennai-based Geetham Restaurants, a company with many locations, is the organiser of this intriguing event. With the first creative event, the restaurant aimed to market its services and brand in the most interesting way possible. According to the businessman’s photo, the recently announced “IPL” got underway on March 22 and allowed clients to take part in a number of entertaining Idli-related activities. These competitions and challenges include eating and identifying different kinds of idli. This event ends on April 7 at the latest.

More than 10 lakh individuals saw Mahindra’s message on social media, which showed considerable traction. Furthermore, social media users seemed to appreciate the restaurant’s inventiveness. In response to his article, one user said, “Indian creativity is not lacking.” Still another person pondered, “Idly delivery from Chennai to Mumbai? Whoa! Private aircraft are required.

Another one cynically said, “This idli corner must have hired IIM guys for marketing and selling idly.”

The businessman posted another video a few days ago in which he expressed his respect for Dr. Suresh Nambiar, a 73-year-old man with extraordinary vocal ability. Mahindra commended him for his skill and said he had “reminded us to give voice to our passions.” Even though the competition took place months ago, Mahindra just recently uploaded the video because he seemed to be thrilled by Dr. Nambiar’s singing abilities.

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