“Jai Ho KBC, Mera Ho Gyaa”: An amusing exchange between a woman and Amitabh Bachchan splits the internet

When a competitor from the popular program “Kaun Banega Crorepati” makes news, it’s usually due to their expertise. This time, however, a lady by the name of Alolika Bhattacharjee Guha appeared in a KBC season 15 episode and caused the whole audience—including beloved host Amitabh Bachchan—to burst into laughter. Guha became a sensation on the internet after narrating her string of “firsts” and winning everyone over with her comical storytelling style.

After winning Rs 12,50,000 in the game, she made the decision to give up. After the episode went viral, a number of adorable and “relatable to the mass” expressions, such “Jai ho KBC” and “Mera ho gyaa,” started making the rounds on the internet.

The user “sagarcasm” posted the video to the social media platform X, which was once known as Twitter. “Observation, self-deprecation, and improvisation” was the caption on the post. She is unaware that this lady does stand-up comedy professionally.

TRP for the program surged once Guha became widely popular. While some people praised the lady and her positive outlook on life and referred to her as a “happy human being,” others said the whole affair was “peak entertainment” because of how much they enjoyed her interactions with Big B. After being posted today, the video received 471K views.

Many offered their opinions in the comment area. What a persona. A user said, “Bas acchi cheezo ko yaad karke hasti rehti hu.” She is a genuine artist if maintaining delight is an art. Another commented, “She gave complex to even Sr. Bachchan; he must be wondering after the shoot why someone can be so happy despite not having things in abundance.” Observe her accent. Seem like a seasoned stand-up comedian,” a third person said.

A fourth participant stated, “Just Middle-class happiness.” Although I don’t speak Hindi, I could grasp a few things in this! The next individual said, “All I could see is an innocent soul.”

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