Joe Biden’s 81-candle birthday cake sets the internet ‘ablaze’ with memes

On a birthday cake, how many candles is too much? As President Joe Biden demonstrated by lighting 81 candles on his birthday, he certainly knows how to raise your cake game. Social media users shared a photo from the ceremony, showing the president at the White House with the 81 flickering flames providing a pleasant light. amid addition to starting a raging viral frenzy, the image left onlookers perplexed and asking, “Where’s the cake in this sea of candles?” after dostana 2 fiasco kartik aaryan and karan johar announce a new film together

Desis relatably laughed her way into the discussion. “Man so old you have to light a hawan instead of candles to celebrate the years,” jokingly said one person. “Is that a birthday cake or a Hawan Kund?” inquired a commenter. “Will never know whether it was icing on the cake or the candle wax,” joked a third person.

However, people from all around the globe continued to add their own flavor to the meme frenzy. On the microblogging platform “X,” a user made the following joke: “Joe Biden’s cake has so many candles on it that it almost burned down the White House.” “Can’t get over Biden’s birthday cake photo,” wrote someone beside a gif of Will Smith’s character from “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air” lighting a pan on fire.

“Joe Biden got an Olympic torch birthday cake,” said a third, while others made fun of the fact that “Biden is so old his birthday cake looks like a bonfire.”

With self-deprecating remarks, even the oldest sitting president in US history attempted to counter the ageist narrative. It turns out that you run out of room for candles on your 146th birthday! On his Instagram account, Biden made jokes. In addition, he used the picture to write, “I turned 81 and all I got was a new social platform,” in his very first Threads post.

However, the humor didn’t stop there. President Biden made a recent blunder when he called Taylor Swift “Britney Spears” during the White House’s traditional Thanksgiving ceremony.

“You could say it’s even harder than getting a ticket to the Renaissance tour or, or Britney’s tour,” he said, pardoning Liberty and Bell the turkeys. Since it’s becoming warm in Brazil right now, she’s down.


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