Know who is Angelo Morionado, in whose memory Google made a beautiful doodle

Know who is Angelo Morionado, in whose memory Google made a beautiful doodle

Coffee lovers are found in every corner of the world, but there are some people who like espresso. But do you know who invented Espresso Machines? Google has remembered Angelo Morionado, the inventor of the espresso machine, with a doodle on June 6, 2022. Google has adopted a special way to remember his 171st birth anniversary.

Considered the godfather of espresso machines, Angelo Morionado was credited with patenting the first known espresso machine in 1884. Google has created a GIF showing the first espresso machine in an artwork made out of coffee. This doodle has been created by Olivia Whyn. Let us know who is Angelo Morionado, who has been remembered by Google with a wonderful doodle.

Know who was Angelo Morionado

Angelo Morionado was born on June 6, 1851, in Turin, Italy. He was born in an entrepreneurial family. His grandfather had set up a liquor production company. After this, the company continued to run under the supervision of his father. After this, Angelo, along with his brother and cousin, formed a popular chocolate company named 'Moriondo and Gariglio'.
How did the idea to make an espresso machine come about?

Morionado bought two shops in the city-center Piazza Carlo Felice, the Grand-Hotel Ligue, and the American Bar in Via Rome's Nazionale. During that time people in Italy loved to drink coffee. But customers had to wait a long time to drink coffee, as it took a long time to make. After this, he thought about making a machine that could make many cups very fast.
The machine first appeared in 1884

Morionado blew his dream and introduced the espresso machine at the General Expo in Turin in 1884. Before the presentation, he had kept the machine under the supervision of a mechanic. His machine won a bronze medal at the General Expo.
This machine also had a large boiler. It served coffee with hot water. He got this machine registered in Paris on 23 October 1885. Subsequently, an international patent confirmed the invention, and a patent was granted. Morionado then continued to improve and patent his invention.

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