Locals Dig for Pearls in This Madhya Pradesh Village

Having pearl jewelry is something many of us want. Organic mineral deposits known as pearls are prized as valuable jewels. They are often found in a variety of shapes. They are taken from oysters after being graded according to many quality requirements. Recently, a plot of land next to Balakot village in Khirka, Madhya Pradesh—about 16 kilometers from Damoh district—became a pearl-storage area. According to accounts, this is the third event to occur in Damoh. It has previously been discovered in the Boria and Tendukheda Block in the area. Black pearls were discovered underground in these locations. They were later discovered in Bisnakhedi of Domah. Balakot is now experiencing the same scenario. The moment the people learned about this, they immediately began excavating in the early morning hours and visited the location. Many individuals, including children and the elderly, can be seen looking for pearls in a film that recently gained attention.

Even some of the locals’ efforts were successful. While others are still looking, they have discovered a few black pearls. Every day in the early morning, close to 200 locals come here looking for pearls. The people can be seen in the video being happy and expecting that they would find these diamonds soon. In an interview, the locals said that they had harvested about 1 kilogram of black pearl during the previous month.

Black pearl costs are typically determined by size and weight. A handful of the locals who discovered black pearls sold them and earned between Rs 10,000 and Rs 15,000 from the sale. They get roughly Rs 5000 to Rs 7000 if there is a minor discrepancy in the weight or size. A resident of Balakot named Jagdish said in the video that the villagers have been excavating for the last month and that practically everyone goes to the spot every day in the early morning. Black pearls and a few additional beads have been gathered by a few persons.

This has occurred three times in the area, according to archaeologist Surendra Chaurasia. According to him, this kind of pearl is often used to create a garland (also known as a festoon, flower wreath, or other ornamental item). They are gathering gorgeous pearls that are simple to employ in garlands.


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