Man Mixes Noodles with Bare Hands, Sparking Discussion About Hygiene

A disturbing video has gone viral, in which a guy is seen putting noodles with his bare hands into a large cauldron as it boils. The guy is seen tossing the hot noodles in the video in a haste and with pain. When cooking, the chef does not wear a face protection or hand gloves. This video seems to have been recorded at a wedding location. On February 17, someone on Instagram uploaded it to the internet. It has received more than 37,000 likes so far. Many harshly disregarded the chef in the comments, accusing her of putting other people’s health at risk by disregarding basic cleanliness.

An Instagram user commented on this video, saying, “Aaj se barat ka khana khana band (From now on, I will stop eating in weddings.)” “Isse toh zeher bhi tasty lagega (Even poison will taste better than this),” commented another. “This is how I prepare fodder for my buffalo,” one account said.

Along with the remarks on hygienic issues, a lot of individuals asked others to refrain from making fun of those who are forced to work without the necessary tools. “Poor guy is making so much, if you have to make that much food quickly, then it’s okay, we will definitely eat it,” one Instagram user said, expressing sympathy. “Brother, you should not make fun of any poor man,” said another.

A video that went viral in November 2023 showed a street hawker cleaning a pail full of noodles in the dirty river. It is said that the video was shot in the Uttar Pradesh hamlet of Kukur Ghati. Even when the folks who had captured his video approached him, the guy remained unaffected.

“Sending rockets to the moon or building temples is not gonna fix poverty and hygiene issues,” one Instagram user said on this video. “As an Indian, I will never trust street food,” someone said.However, certain areas have stringent hygienic regulations, particularly when it comes to street food.

Similar to this, in September 2023, a user on X posted a video of a street food seller cooking a huge paratha outside. The guy prepares the food with his hands the whole time.

Many considered the cooking process to be unsanitary, while others countered that Indians often handle their food without gloves. An X user commented on this video, saying, “The Indian government ought to teach street food vendors basic hygiene.” Someone other had the opposite opinion, saying, “OMG a baker using his hands!!!” Sure, I would consume it. Every day, many billion individuals consume it.

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