Man Retains His Feet in the Front Seat During Flight; The Woman’s Retaliation Is Funny

A lady on a flight exacted a humorous retaliation on a fellow passenger who was dozing off and had his legs propped up on the front seat. Two of the ladies made the decision to chastise the guy for causing pain to their fellow travelers. The incident’s video has become widely popular. While some praised the lady for her appropriate answer, others criticized the passenger for her impolite actions. A few viewers also related similar incidents they had while on a flight. A passenger in the popular video can be seen sleeping soundly with his legs propped up on the front seat.

Watch this video:

A lady seated in the front feels uncomfortable because her legs are touching the window of the seat. The lady in the front seat doesn’t try to argue with the guy or say anything. To get away from the chaos, she has the brilliant idea to paint the man’s toenails. She just grabs a bottle of red nail polish and paints the man’s toenails. To make sure the guy is resting peacefully, she peeks at him from the space between the chairs. The lady pulls out the nail polish and exacts her sweet retribution after establishing that the guy is insane.

Rather than intervening to stop the lady from painting the man’s toenails, the other travelers were seen filming the incident. Instagram has been updated with the video. The video is now quite popular.

Internet users applauded the woman’s brilliant action and questioned the amount of thinking that went into coming up with such a lovely retaliation. One of the users commented, “How did this woman have such a reasonable and funny response?” One of the viewers recounted his own experience after seeing the film, stating that he had experienced the same thing once when he laid his legs on the front seat. One person commented, “Except I woke up.” The other users called him out. The guy was dubbed “rude” and “disrespectful” by several.

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