Man Seeks ‘Therapy’ After Daily Profile Swiping on Tinder 500 Times

These days, dating apps are the new standard. It’s a fantastic way to meet new people, connect with them, and create a lasting relationship. Millions of people use Tinder, one of the most widely used dating applications. People have become hooked to the app, swiping left and right for hours in an attempt to locate a compatible match, according to recent trends. However, the British man’s addiction became so intense that he needed treatment to kick the habit. He admitted to getting a “rush” from using Tinder and said he swiped through 500 profiles every day.

The New York Post said that the Tinder user became addicted to the program after seeing how many women “liked” his profile, which gave him a rush of excitement. Oddly, he had no intention of matching with any of these ladies or even meeting them. He said in an interview with iNews that it “crushed” him when a member of the other gender did not respond to his text or message initially. “Getting a lot of matches with people I found attractive would give me highs, but it’s not sustainable, so it would always be followed by a crash,” he said.

The British guy said that Tinder was the only thing that kept him going, saying he was craving “validation.” In addition, he registered for accounts on Bumble and Hinge and swiped through every profile he saw. He would often converse with ten ladies at once while waiting impatiently for them to ping him. I lost all sense of who I was because I was swiping right on everyone and totally immersed in the “game.” “Those apps completely changed my personality and mood,” he said, adding that it warped his perception of reality. When he finally went out on dates, the solitary soon lost interest in genuinely dating someone.

He was in a relationship with a special someone he met on Tinder, but his passion drove him back to the app. After the breakup, he went to treatment and was given a diagnosis of borderline personality disorder and depression. He has now stopped using dating apps, according to the New York Post.

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