Man Walks With a Chained Tiger Outside; Go viral video sparks outrage

There is more to animal cruelty than merely beating the defenseless animal. It may surprise you to learn that keeping a wild animal domesticated and removed from its natural environment is also considered animal cruelty, yet many people do not realize this. And for doing the exact same thing, a guy who walked a caged tiger along a crowded street became viral for all the wrong reasons. The large cat often attempted to attack a few passing cars, giving the impression that it was in stress. People pursued the guy despite his ability to restrain the hairy creature from causing complete mayhem, accusing him of endangering both the animal and the passengers. The Instagram account “tiptopyatra” posted the footage.

The video went viral right away and caused a lot of uproar. The majority of people called it animal abuse, and a sizable chunk of the internet called for an arrest. Some argued that these kinds of activities ought to be prohibited, while others voiced worries about both the safety of the animals and the drivers who use the roads. Thousands of people have seen the video since it was posted two days ago.

People voiced their opinions in the comment area. A user commented, “Very sad and angry to see such a strong wild animal chained.” Another said, “Too dangerous, it must be FORBIDDEN.” “No common sense,” said a third individual. A fourth netizen said, “It’s not advisable to keep wild animals as pets for both side safety and care and very dangerous to bring in roads.” “Where’s this at? “Is it legal to own a pet tiger?” inquired a fifth internet user. A sixth participant said, “People just do anything these days to get viral.”

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