Many mysterious caves found under 3000-year-old temple, scientists surprised

Many mysterious caves found under 3000-year-old temple, scientists surprised

Our earth is full of mysteries. There are many such places on earth whose mysteries have not yet been uncovered. Scientists trying to unravel these mysteries make many shocking revelations in their research. Now in this episode, scientists have discovered mysterious caves under an ancient temple. The temple under which these caves have been found is three thousand years old.

A team of archaeologists has discovered these mysterious caves under the ancient temple. These caves have been found under the temple in the Andes of Peru. The name of this ancient temple is Chavin de Huantar which is located in the north-central Andes. At one time this temple was the religious and administrative center for the entire area. Stanford University archaeologist John Rick says the tunnels were discovered in early May. John Rick was among the archaeologists who did the excavation.

Scientists believe that these caves are older than the labyrinth galleries of the temple. This temple is situated at an altitude of 3200 meters above sea level. After many years of excavation, 35 tunnels have been discovered. Interconnected tunnels were built in the foothills of the Andes between 1200 and 200 BC. Rick says that these tunnels are completely different and they are also constructed differently.

Know what is history

He told that such things have been found in the search which had never been seen before in the tunnels. Chavin de Huantar was declared a World Heritage Site in 1985. The Peruvian Armed Forces conducted the Chavin de Huantar operation against the Tupac Amaru Revolutionary Movement rebel group in 1997. Soldiers launched an operation to rescue 72 people hostage from this group. During this time the soldiers had built a network of tunnels.

A mysterious cave was found in Spain too

Scientists have also discovered a mysterious cave in Spain in which ancient humans lived for 50 thousand years. This discovery by scientists is very surprising. According to scientists, many generations of ancient humans must have lived in this mysterious cave.

There is a place named Malaga in southern Spain where this cave is located. The name of this cave is Cueva de Ardales. Ancient artifacts, drawings, and paintings have been made on the walls of this cave, many of which are very famous while some are highly disputed. There is controversy about this among international archaeologists. Neanderthals used to be human at the time we are talking about. The controversy now is whether he could paint.

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