Medical Professional Describes Why Women Like Hotter Showers Than Men

Men who continue to assert that their spouses dial up the heat to boiling levels while taking a bath have turned the continuing “Wife vs. Husband Shower Temperature” discussion into a viral phenomenon on TikTok. Podcaster Micah gained popularity lately when he expressed his dissatisfaction with his wife Sarah, saying that their steamy bathroom sessions were impossible since she likes considerably hotter showers.


Micah made a lighthearted comparison between his wife’s fondness for water and “boiling a turkey” in a video that London-based physician Sermed Mezher posted on Instagram. Dr. Mezher, however, provides the scientific explanation for women’s natural tendency for warmer temperatures. He discusses the variations in shower preferences between men and women, which are relatable to a lot of couples.

In addition to keeping those inner organs warm, women’s naturally higher core body temperatures than men’s may cause cold sensitivity, which can become worse during the cycle, particularly around ovulation and at the conclusion. It is also well known that the bodily compositions of men and women vary significantly. Men have more skeletal muscle, which is known to be thermogenic, particularly given men’s greater average activity tolerance, whereas women have a body fat proportion that is, on average, between 6 and 11% higher.

“We know that women are five times more likely to have Raynaud’s phenomenon, which can cause blood vessel spasm in the hands and feet, but even in the absence of this, women’s hands and feet are on average three degrees colder because estrogen thickens the blood and makes it harder to get there,” Dr. Sermed Mezher finished.

One person commented, “My girl literally showers with lava, that some sort of superpower,” in response to the image.

“Me and my boyfriend are opposite to this; I prefer cold and he’s super hot,” said another.

An individual said, “I actually shower in lukewarm water because hot water causes rashes and damages hair, plus it makes me dizzy.”

Someone said, “It eases my tense muscles.” Haha.

“This explains why I like to bathe/shower in lava,” was said by another.

Since he clarified the differences in shower temperatures for men and women, Dr. Sermed Mezher’s video has amassed over 7 lakh views.

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